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Magic: The Gathering Arena is a free collectible card game based on the offline tabletop game Magic: The Gathering by Hasbro. Designed for Windows, MTG Arena offers the same rules as the original game, but with the speed and flair of a digital video game. It features a new game engine that understands all rules and gives you a dashboard to build decks, apply strategies, cast spells, and reduce the points of your opponent. 

Is MTG Arena similar to its real-life counterpart?

The original Magic: The Gathering is not only one of the first collectible card games ever made, but it is also one of the most beloved. Magic: The Gathering Arena, developed by Wizards of the Coast, is this game’s online rendition featuring speaking cards, high-end entry effects, and streamlined gameplay. The PC game is also faster, considering players no longer have to manually shuffle, distribute, and collect cards. 

What is the gameplay of MTG Arena?

Magic: The Gathering Arena gameplay is quite simple and is easy to learn even if you’ve never played a hand. In the game, players start with a carefully selected deck of cards, capable of reducing the opponent’s points from 20 to 0. These cards consist of land cards, that when played, generate mana cards in 5 separate colors. Each color has its meaning and can be used to inflict damage or for healing. 

The opponent then plays another card that can not only get rid of the effect of the mana card but also cast spells, summon different beings into the arena, or activate the abilities of creatures. Since players take turns to lay down their hands, they have ample time to create a strategy that can reduce the points of their opponents. Players can also battle directly with spells by relying on the available stack. 

While there are numerous ways of playing Magic: The Gathering Arena download, most games rely on standard gameplay. This style consists of cards that only last for a year and a half. After players turn in their wildcard in the Arena, they’re able to collect single cards or packs. They can then build a powerful deck of cards consisting of various color cards, creatures, and spells. 

How many decks can you earn in the MTG arena?

Once you start playing Magic: The Gathering Arena online, you instantly earn a few pre-constructed decks that you can use or delete. Players can also build up to 75 decks, each containing anywhere between 60 to 250 cards. All decks must fall in the standard category, which means that they should not contain retired cards. The latest version of MTG Arena only supports the use of a few historical cards

Although you start with a few decks in hand, they’re not as competitive as you’d like them to be. Therefore, you may have to participate in daily quests and special events to collect more powerful cards. Players can also purchase a competitive deck of cards, provided they’re willing to shell out in-game currency or real money. You can also win cards in tournaments, but even these have an entry fee. 

Is MTG Arena pay to win?

Magic: The Gathering Arena download has a freemium business model, wherein players can play for free but have access to some micro-transactions. The online collectible card game features gems as its in-game currency, required for purchasing highly-coveted decks and for participating in tournaments and draft events. While players can earn gems as rewards, they can also purchase them using real-world money. 

Can you play Magic Arena on mobile?

MTG Arena is one of the most popular online renditions of the original Magic: The Gathering. It features high-end graphics with effects that highlight the significance of each card and sounds only add to the overall dynamics. So if you’re looking to play the game on your Android device, you won’t have to wait long - Magic: The Gathering Arena mobile is in the works and will be coming soon! 

Is MTG Arena suitable for beginners?

One of the best parts about playing Magic: The Gathering Arena online is that to win, you don’t have to be an established player. For beginners, the game provides a rewarding and challenging tutorial that prepares them for arena battles. Once they start playing with others, it all comes down to skill. While experience does matter, if you play your cards right, you may even defeat veteran gamers

Does Magic: The Gathering Arena have an online following?

The offline collectible card game came into existence in 1993 and since then has gained a massive following. MTG Arena online has the same charm, ensuring you find a worthy opponent anytime you log in to play. While the game does a good job of connecting you with other players from around the world, the direct challenge feature needs work. The latter requires you to input the name of the player with whom you wish to play. 

Is MTG Arena free?

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a free-to-play game that is quite generous with its rewards. It also provides its clients with multiple quests and challenges over the course of a day. The only drawback is that the game doesn’t support card trading. Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, Marvel Trading Card Game, and Gwent are similar card games that you might want to check out as well. 

Should I download MTG Arena?

Magic: The Gathering Arena download offers a chance to play one of the best card games to have been ever created. The digital version features high-end graphics and sound that make the game a lot more engaging and fun - even for the audience. It offers talking cards, entry effects, and smooth gameplay, where players no longer have to shuffle and distribute cards manually. The game also has a very large gaming community and offers optional transactions, rewards, gems, and cards, ensuring players keep coming back.  


  • Offers high-end graphics and sound
  • Features daily quests and challenges
  • Provides users with multiple card decks
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface


  • Doesn’t support card trading

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