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Next Level of Card Game Battle

Magic: The Gathering Arena is the official strategy game created by Wizards of the Coast LLC. The strategy game is a faithful adaptation of the recognizable tradable card game Magic: The Gathering. Players collect cards, form powerful decks and challenge other players online.

Classic TCG Title

Magic: The Gathering was first released in 1993. The famous TCG is still being played by fans around the world. It features multiplayer for two or more players, as well as two play modes: constructed and limited. Limited mode selects randomized cards with a minimum of 40 cards. The Constructed mode allows players to use their custom deck with a minimum of 60 cards and a limit of 4 of any card. Players draw land cards, generate 5 elemental mana and use the mana to summon creatures, cast spells, or activate special card effects. The goal of this card game is to reduce enemy health to zero. The TCG franchise is known for the concept of purchasing more booster packs to strengthen the card deck or adding a new strategy as the meta evolves. Today, Magic: The Gathering has become more accessible since Wizards of the Coast launched computer and mobile games featuring their widely acclaimed TCG.

A New TCG Challenge

Magic: The Gathering Arena retains most of the game core mechanics. Players can still gain new cards, form custom decks and challenge other players. Cards are available through digital booster packs, achievements, and in-game microtransaction. The standard game mode returns, Constructed Deck mode and Draft mode. Constructed Deck mode allows usage of a custom deck. The Draft mode allows players to try special booster packs and participate in challenges with those cards. Winning 7 times or losing 3 times will cause the deck to be retired but players keep them, at the same time earn special rewards like resources and in-game currency called Gems. Players begin with basic cards and as they perform daily quests and marches, they are rewarded booster packs. The only difference is booster packs only contain 8 cards. The game’s booster packs consist of 1 rare card, 2 uncommon cards, and 5 common cards. There is a chance that players might draw a Wildcard with specific rarity. Players can swap them for any card with the same rarity. This game allows four similar cards in a deck. Any 5th copy drawn from booster packs is automatically sent to a Vault meter. Filling up the Vault meter rewards players bonus Wildcards. The TCG has Arena mode with microtransactions. Gems are either used for purchasing booster packs or participating special events.

Bringing Back The Glorious TCG Experience

Magic: The Gathering Arena lets fans and beginners relive the experience of playing the classic TCG. Players can assemble their combination of cards and compete against others. They can also enjoy trying new cards from the Draft mode and join special events.


  • 2 Play Modes
  • Daily quests and special events
  • Digital copy of cards and decks
  • Esports potential


  • Pay to win due to microtransactions
  • Takes time to farm for cards and resources
  • Booster packs have lesser cards compared to their physical counterparts
  • Lacks trade mode


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Magic: The Gathering Arena


Magic: The Gathering Arena 1.0 for PC


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